Walking with Martin O’Malley…

Yesterday I signed up to volunteer for Martin O’Malley’s campaign to dump Ehrlich as Governor. I still would have been happier with Doug Duncan, but I’ll take what I can get.

So this afternoon I got email with a list of local appearances, and it appears one of them will be the Labor Day Parade. We need to meet by 9:00am, for the walk, but that should be easy to do, considering what time my kids are waking up now. 8am would be better for the purposes of ensuring parking. The parade starts at 10am.

We’ll be somewhere in the middle of the line-up, according to the web site.

I think I’m up for that – a little positive candidate support and some waving and shaking hands could be just the ticket… I just need to know if it will be just me or me, DH and the girls too. DH isn’t affiliated, but he might still be willing to walk. Dunno. Gotta ask.

And I got my sample ballot this afternoon in the mail. Got some clues already from the ACLU and from the Post, but I need to do a little more research before the 12th.

The political machine is cranking up…

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