On the subject of reproductive health…

While I was in the shower this evening, prepping for rehearsal, I started to work out an op ed piece regarding this travesty of health management concerning reproductive health. It’s not all the way there yet, but it concerns redirecting the funds they’re planning to spend in enforcing this crap on education and prevention rather than simply making sure all the rest of the brood mares are up to snuff. Pretty soon we’re going to see the resurgence of orphanages and workhouses, and we’ll have gone safely backwards over a hundred years.

If the people in charge spent half the money they’re earmarking for this new initiative on ensuring that every kid born in the US had healthcare (not just access to it, but actual coverage), and every kid and adult had proper explanations for where STDs and pregnancies came from, and if every woman simply had affordable and available health services, then we wouldn’t have to worry about whether Jane Doe was in proper medical condition to bear that child, because we’d know she intended to get pregnant in the first place.

Stupid effing MALE politicians. (Are there any female politicians backing this crap??? Haven’t had time to research it. That’s part of the problem with submitting it. I want my facts straight first.)

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