Too stunned to write…

Last night I sat down before bed and read all the way through our Bill of Rights. You know, the things which govern how we are supposed to operate as a country?

Too bad the current administration hasn’t bothered to do the same recently.

I have a whole lot to say but I’m thinking about how I want to say it. I’m also contemplating writing it in essay form and posting it on my Writing blog page.

So much to say. So long to wait until the next election.

And so very much disappointment.

Aside from all that, there is apparently a protest being organized for February 13 to support same sex marriage in Annapolis. I am giving serious consideration to attending the event. Anyone who wishes to come join me is welcome to come to my home afterwards for some hot cocoa and like-minded support.

It is time to take our rights back and to hold those responsible for their restriction accountable.

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