Wish I’d thought of it first…

From my friend MB:

If I were king of the Forrrrrreeeeeessssst…

and had the good luck to be on the Judiciary Committee, I would ask the following.

Judge Roberts, our “president” had shown a penchant for appointing people with minimal qualifications to governmental positions that invariably descend into abject failure in their charge to protect and serve all members of the American public. Seeing as we only have your two years on the federal bench, leaving us with precious few written findings to go on added to your lack of candor and indeed refusal to answer questions put forth to you by this committee, why should we not refuse to confirm your nomination or indeed even let your nomination escape this committee to go on to the floor of the Senate?

I realize that the right wing press would die of apoplexy should any Senator ask such a question, but why hasn’t it been asked?

Too right…

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