Good money after bad…

LA Times: Police May Force Out Residents

Makes you just want to smack somebody upside the head.


Give the money to someone else for crissakes and just lock Michael Brown up.

From a comment:

Not to mention this story:

The Memory Blog: Infectious Disease Research in and Around New Orleans

The heretofore unmentioned fact that Tulane and other universities in and around NOLA were running Level 3 Biolabs (anthrax, mousepox, HIV, plague, etc.)

So… if there’s been a breach of said labs, we can add L-3 bioagents to the deadly brew seeping in an around the city.

Alert Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo and Michael Crichton, They’re On!

My friends are doing a much better job of reporting the news right now, so I’m leaving it to them. A friend of mine (not on the flist) shared with me about Michael Brown but at least four folks got there before I did. I’m relieved but this isn’t over. I suppose he’ll make a convenient scapegoat…

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