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“Urgent – from the ACLU about the Patriot Act”

American Civil Liberties Union

Congress to vote on the Patriot Act next week

Dear Friend,

Last week, nearly 50,000 people signed our petition calling on Congress to reform the Patriot Act.

We have just learned that, in a coordinated plan to quickly reauthorize the Patriot Act, Congress will vote next week on a bill to make the expiring parts of the act permanent, including those that give the government too much unchecked access to our medical, library, financial and other personal records.

If we don’t show our strength now, Congress will pass the Patriot Act reauthorization without the reforms we need to keep us safe and free.

Please sign our petition today, telling Congress it’s time to reform the Patriot Act.

The Bush Administration and some leaders in Congress are determined to make these powers permanent, and are even pressing for further expansions to this assault on our fundamental freedoms.

How do you feel about the government having easy access to your personal records? Information about the books you buy and borrow.  Access to your private medical and tax records. “Sneak and peek” warrants that allow searches without telling you until well after the fact.  Are you okay with this?

These are law enforcement powers granted in the flawed provisions of the Patriot Act, and Congress is preparing to vote to extend and broaden these dangerous powers and undermine our Constitution by making them permanent.

If you don’t think this is acceptable, join with thousands of others and let Congress know today.  Sign the petition.

Remind our leaders that last week’s horrifying bombings in London should not short-circuit a real debate over whether the Patriot Act’s powers actually and materially enhance our security, and whether the civil liberties of ordinary Americans are adequately protected, the test suggested by the bipartisan 9-11 Commission.

Please add your name to the petition, and we will deliver it to Congress as this crucial debate over our freedoms unfolds.

We already have nearly 50,000 signatures.  You can help us reach 100,000 by Friday so that we can ensure that Congress protects our most fundamental liberties.  After you’ve signed the petition, ask your friends to sign it, too.

Thank you for helping to keep America safe and free.


Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director, ACLU

[Petition links are all dead, but the ACLU is alive and well, right here:]

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