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Insanely busy the last couple of days…

Insanely busy the last couple of days…

Ok, so before I get started on the last couple of days, this I gotta share (thanks to RN, who finally forced me to get my own YouTube account).

Obviously not safe for work; not at all safe for kids either.

Freedom [better quality]

If you’re wondering why I’m not crowing more about the takeover of the House and Senate, the supremacy of the Democratic Party, or the end of the Evil Empire, understand that I’m just exhausted.

There’s a fine rant about the disgusting timeliness of The Crucible somewhere around here, and I might get there sometime soon, but not in the next couple of days. Besides, I think I need to think some more about what I want to say.

You may be surprised to discover that I’m really hoping people don’t screw this up. In the back of my head I’m hearing “be careful what you ask for” and it’s getting louder all the time.

On the warpath today…

On the warpath today…

I heard this morning on WAMU (which is what I listen to at 6 freaking am when I have to wake up for my Child who’s Not being Left Behind) that our illustrious President is willing to spend any amount to repair the damage in New Orleans so that it will rise again. He’s on the side of the poor. And he wants to fix what’s broken.

If he’d spent half the amount of money he seems to want to pledge for the repair of New Orleans in fixing the problems with the levees and helping to support the poor residents who’ll suffer most from this disaster, and if he’d spent time actually researching the backgrounds of the individuals in whom he’s trusted to protect our country and not his right to retire fat and happy, he wouldn’t have to call for spending this amazing amount of money. Over 200 billion dollars. In a deficit. While we’re still at war.

Don’t believe me? Listen to the reports from NPR:

Bush Calls for Bold Plan to Rebuild Coast

New Orleans Residents Wonder How They’ll Rebuild

And best of all

Who Will Foot Bill to Rebuild New Orleans?

A quote from the third story: “You’re a fiscal conservative until you get hit by a natural disaster.” –Trent Lott

Who’s going to pay for George W. Bush’s mistakes and those of the individuals he has in charge? We are. For decades and possibly generations to come.

Now, how long do you really think it’s going to take before the concept of a raise in taxes comes across? Remember that tax refund you saw at the start of his administration? Don’t get too fond of it. If it isn’t already gone to your car in the form of gas, it will be soon when the right finally realizes that taxes are necessary evils.

And finally, my own DH blows up in someone else’s blog space, because he can’t stand that people are picking on our President. The fact is, there’s so much to be angry about with the way our government is handling this current crisis, that it’s actually a release to laugh at something (even if it’s doctored), that makes Our Prez look even more ridiculous, but this is what set him off.

No, I have no idea how John Kerry would have handled the problem. No, I don’t know what Al Gore would have done. It doesn’t matter to me. They didn’t get elected. GWB did, and what he has done with his presidency is squander our hard-earned savings, pander to the right wing and old money interests.

Nothing on this planet would please me more than seeing him taken down – impeachment is too good for him.

KMH, I may not agree 100% with everything you said to my DH, but I am so there.

In many ways, I wish tomorrow was the 24th.


For that matter, the levee request was around 105 million as opposed to the 200+ billion this will probably take.

Funny; I don’t remember your DH being particularly jingoistic, so I’d imagine there’s more to the story.

Someone pushed his “That’s Not Funny” button and he went off.

I had to stop our conversation this morning. He’s no better with me right now.

Having him in exile without a reliable means of communication besides phone is a REAL pain!

Ah, found the exchange. Some of the comments in this discussion on the note were interesting.

What I see in that exchange is essentially “Hey, there’s a lot wrong you can talk about without taking cheap shots” and a response of “I really don’t care whether it’s a cheap shot; I’m upset enough that I’m beyond that.”

As far as the bathroom break note goes, there are certainly reasons to be disquieted. But the reason the note’s getting as much play as it is are probably more based on all the other reasons people are upset with CIC, rather than the contents. (Now, the manner this note was written? Not “Pls. effect a short bathroom break,” or “When will there be bathroom break?” but instead “I think I may need . . .” seems odd.)

The photographer insists he didn’t know what was in the note when he took the picture. I actually have some problems with this – they say that the image was blown up and cleaned before publication; since the unidentified contents could well have been something more important or classified I wonder whether telephotos may end up banned from some of these locations.

one of my buttons, in turn, is “i chose to put you on my friends list and now you’re posting things that i don’t agree with, so you should alter your blog to cater to my feelings and stop writing things that i find offensive, because as one of the people who chose to read what you write i get to tell you what you should and shouldn’t say.”

wrong month to play that game with me. figure out how custom friends lists work, or, hell, unfriend me (it’s not like i do this for the clickthroughs), but do NOT tell me what i get to write in my own goddamned friends-locked journal.

on the other hand; eh, whatever. didn’t sound like he was having a particularly good week BEFORE he wrote himself off of the disney trip and had computer breakage. sorry if drawing the line in the sand stepped on any toes in the process.

Re: word.
I am, as I said, right there with you. I already pointed out to him that your space is, in fact, your space.

And he is, for the record, having a seriously sucky week, simply made suckier by the trashing of said laptop.

I’m personally ready for a do-over myself.

I guess New Orleans could rise again, but then, so could the flood water. Wonder which one he meant.

Why I’ll be on the mall on the 24th…

Why I’ll be on the mall on the 24th…




Dear [redacted],

George Bush went to New Orleans tonight. In the devastated city, he brought generators to provide electricity solely for his elaborate photo-opportunity.

Those guilty of criminal negligence rarely have an opportunity to go on national TV for nearly a half an hour to camouflage and conceal their criminal conduct. This is precisely what George Bush did tonight on prime time national television. Two weeks after the fact, Bush and the spin doctors at Fox News and other corporate media are now attempting to do damage control – that is, political damage control, not human damage control.

Bush’s handling of the Katrina catastrophe, and the actions of the administration prior to the hurricane, constitute a clear pattern of criminal negligence and gross misconduct.

Here are just a few of the facts that highlight the criminal negligence and Presidential misconduct:

  • The Bush administration is spending $200 million each day or $1.4 billion each week for its criminal war of aggression in Iraq.
  • Despite the fact that scientific experts had widely publicized predictions of the coming catastrophe in New Orleans, the Bush administration was hell bent on diverting resources to the Iraq war, while it slashed funds for flood control operations in New Orleans.
  • Bush’s war on Iraq left the Corps of Engineers only 20% of the needed funding to protect New Orleans from flooding from Lake Pontchartrain. Before the Iraq war, FEMA officials warned of a looming disaster in New Orleans. The Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project (SELA) is authorized by Congress to protect the people of New Orleans and the port facilities as well as oil refineries. After the start of the shock and awe invasion of Iraq however, SELA’s monies were diverted. The Times-Picayune, the daily newspaper of New Orleans, published numerous articles during the last two years citing the danger caused by the loss of hurricane protection funds to the war in Iraq.

Bush has taken the money needed to protect and serve the needs of society and spent it on his war of aggression against the people of Iraq, on multi-billion dollar contracts for his corporate friends, and on tax cuts for the super-rich. Although he turned away as hundreds of people – including babies and the elderly – drowned and starved, now he is compelled to at least pretend to take action. This is not out of concern for the well-being of the suffering people, but concern for his popularity – the people of the United States have turned against his criminal administration.

The impeachment movement has responded powerfully to the criminal neglect and subsequent charade of the administration. Thousands of organizers around the country are preparing to make the trip to Washington DC on September 24. Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark will be speaking at the White House on the Ellipse calling for Impeachment.

You can help mobilize a massive contingent for the September 24 National March on Washington DC. This is a demonstration initiated by the peace movement and is shaping up to be the largest demonstration since the beginning of the Iraq war. We will make the demand “Impeach Bush” highly visible throughout the day. The ImpeachBush movement will be assembling at the south side of the White House (an area called the Ellipse at 11:00 am). You can pick up ImpeachBush banners, placards, signs, literature, hats, and petitions. We need volunteers to help us dispatch people and materials starting in the early morning of September 24. If you can help out, please send an email letting us know your availability to be an ImpeachBush.org volunteer.

We have one week left – we need your help today to make impeachment resound at the White House and throughout the streets of Washington on September 24. In the last few weeks, 30,000 new people have voted to impeach in our grass-roots referendum. Every day people are taking petitions and literature and spreading the word.

Others are making generous donations to help this work continue. We are asking you to make a contribution today. If you have never made a donation please consider doing so now. If you have donated before, please help again. You can make a donation by clicking below, where you can also get information to write a check. [Dead link]

-All of us at VoteToImpeach/ImpeachBush.org

I’m firming my plans up now. Get in touch with me offline if you’re hanging with me.

I have to leave the Mall by 5pm for the play that night, but I anticipate getting down there around 10-11am.

Good money after bad…

Good money after bad…

LA Times: Police May Force Out Residents

Makes you just want to smack somebody upside the head.


Give the money to someone else for crissakes and just lock Michael Brown up.

From a comment:

Not to mention this story:

The Memory Blog: Infectious Disease Research in and Around New Orleans

The heretofore unmentioned fact that Tulane and other universities in and around NOLA were running Level 3 Biolabs (anthrax, mousepox, HIV, plague, etc.)

So… if there’s been a breach of said labs, we can add L-3 bioagents to the deadly brew seeping in an around the city.

Alert Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo and Michael Crichton, They’re On!

My friends are doing a much better job of reporting the news right now, so I’m leaving it to them. A friend of mine (not on the flist) shared with me about Michael Brown but at least four folks got there before I did. I’m relieved but this isn’t over. I suppose he’ll make a convenient scapegoat…

I see some folks have missed my point here…

I see some folks have missed my point here…

Perhaps this summary might make more impact?

Comedy Central’s Daily Show: Hurricane Katrina Intro (9/6/2005)

When the White House considers that damage control is as important for its image as it is for the destruction of an entire American city, there is something wrong with the leaders of the country.

There is no slack to cut here. The President has a responsibility to his people to be sure that all of them are cared for. The concern for Trent Lott’s lost house pretty much sums it all up.

And it doesn’t change my mind one iota that we are doing the right thing, asking for his impeachment. His assumption that we have, as a whole country, mandated his behaviour is wrong headed and dangerous, and he is the biggest threat to our national security. I’m not talking here about our ability to protect ourselves from terrorists, but our ability to care for our own.

I don’t know about you, but I am seeing huge gaps between what we have been promised and what we have seen delivered. This gap is in the cost of living, in the rising poverty levels, and the general failure of our leaders to provide equal opportunities for everyone.

Let’s face it: As someone pointed out recently, if the flood had been New York, we’d have seen the helicopters within 24 hours.

It may be decades before New Orleans can be inhabited again. FEMA’s failure is every bit as much GW Bush’s responsibility as it is the head of the agency’s.

May he receive the same treatment we saw fit to give those prisoners of war.

That’s it…

That’s it…

Ok. I’ve finally had enough.

Over this post about Chief Justice Rehnquist by JTN I’ve finally given up and have dropped him from my friends list. There’s simply no excuse for the comment, and with so little regard for other people’s opinions, I can stop wasting my time reading his comfortable posts about the gourmet food and easy life of the “haves” of this world.

I’m done. Now here’s why. Continue reading “That’s it…”

Ooh. Now that I’m fired up again / Just so they can’t erase the past…

Ooh. Now that I’m fired up again / Just so they can’t erase the past…


I especially love Michael Moore’s open letter to our fearless leader.

More as I know it.

Just in case you were wondering, Mr. President, yes we are paying attention. Now, would you like to share with us why it took so DAMN LONG to get those authorized resources where they needed to be? C’mon. We don’t have all day. Waddya say?

From http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/08/20050827-1.html [Dead link]

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
August 27, 2005

Statement on Federal Emergency Assistance for Louisiana

The President today declared an emergency exists in the State of Louisiana and ordered Federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts in the parishes located in the path of Hurricane Katrina beginning on August 26, 2005, and continuing.

The President’s action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to coordinate all disaster relief efforts which have the purpose of alleviating the hardship and suffering caused by the emergency on the local population, and to provide appropriate assistance for required emergency measures, authorized under Title V of the Stafford Act, to save lives, protect property and public health and safety, or to lessen or avert the threat of a catastrophe in the parishes of Allen, Avoyelles, Beauregard, Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, Caldwell, Claiborne, Catahoula, Concordia, De Soto, East Baton Rouge, East Carroll, East Feliciana, Evangeline, Franklin, Grant, Jackson, LaSalle, Lincoln, Livingston, Madison, Morehouse, Natchitoches, Pointe Coupee, Ouachita, Rapides, Red River, Richland, Sabine, St. Helena, St. Landry, Tensas, Union, Vernon, Webster, West Carroll, West Feliciana, and Winn.

Specifically, FEMA is authorized to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency.

Debris removal and emergency protective measures, including direct Federal assistance, will be provided at 75 percent Federal funding.

Representing FEMA, Michael D. Brown, Under Secretary for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Department of Homeland Security, named William Lokey as the Federal Coordinating Officer for Federal recovery operations in the affected area.

# # #

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