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Does anybody here see what I see???

Does anybody here see what I see???

1. It’s the 4th. Anyone want to come over and watch 1776 with me? Like maybe tonight??? I need some serious patriotism infusions (like the right kind, not what we’re hearing from Capitol Hill). [ETA: I want to watch the movie – really, I do – but I have to go fetch roller skates from Laurel. If you want to see the movie with me, head to my place around 9pm tonight!]

2. It’s time for a reminder that this whole big mess we’re in revolves around oil.

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It’s about damn time! I thought they’d never get there!

It’s about damn time! I thought they’d never get there!

From: (ImpeachBush@VoteToImpeach.org)
Sent: Mon 6/09/08 10:32 PM

“Breaking News:
Articles of Impeachment Being Introduced in Congress Right Now

Right now, Monday night, Rep. Dennis Kucinich is on the floor of the House of Representatives introducing articles of impeachment against George W. Bush. He is presenting a 35 count indictment which is being broadcast on C-Span. We will provide a more detailed update, but wanted to be sure to let everyone know right away.

The intense work of the ImpeachBush.org/VoteToImpeach membership is forcing impeachment on the table. During ImpeachBush.org’s National Call In Day for Impeachment held just one week ago, the offices of Rep. John Conyers were flooded with calls demanding impeachment. We have received reports that there were more calls than could even be answered.

Your work and perseverance is making the difference!”

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Well, isn’t that nice???

Well, isn’t that nice???

Ok. I’m usually relatively paranoid about my financial stuff, because if I don’t watch it like a hawk, checks start to bounce. Having DH and me using the same account to pay everything (like the mortgage and food) means that if one of us isn’t paying attention, the other one draws the account down to zero.

So, I’ve been religious about using the download feature I get with USAA. Until about Tuesday, that is, when I started getting an error that the software couldn’t verify the financial institution. WTF?!?

I just got off the phone with their tech support, and I’ve got this nasty, paranoid feeling that everyone is in cahoots with everyone else, and they’re all conspiring against us.

“As of April 25, we no longer support anything older than Quicken 2004. That means we don’t support downloaded data or any of the other automated features of the site.”

How nice for Intuit.

So, when I’m done venting, I’m off to the nearest store to purchase the most recent version. Yeah, I know I could download it off the site. I just don’t feel like dealing with the problem if I need to reinstall the software later. I’d rather have the disk. Call me old fashioned.

Oh, and while I’m out I can go buy some more gas for the car. Which leads to the second rant of the day.

See this article on CNN: Bush takes aim at rising gasoline prices and then tell me that this isn’t the Oil Companies (en masse) holding out for complete deregulation of the oil fields throughout our continent. Fun stuff. Just blackmail the American public until we’re forced to turn over the Alaskan territories, and forget all about those nasty EPA regulations that are supposed to reduce greenhouse gasses, because, like, we all know that Global Warming is just a myth, and besides, we’re just treading water here until the Rapture anyway, so why keep the earth nice?


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