Aftermath (Part 2): Bread and Circuses…

Aftermath (Part 2): Bread and Circuses…

It’s been a while. Sorry about that. With all the distractions and changes between November 9 and January 29, it’s nearly impossible to take in everything that’s happening. There’s another name for these things: Bread and Circuses.

We are so used to paying attention to entertainment, to the spectacle, we’ve lost the ability to concentrate on what’s important. And the far Right know it. In fact, they’ve been working extra hard to ensure we’re too distracted to see what’s really happening here.

I stored a lot of these links when they hit my feed, way back in November. So much feel-good or buck-up media attempts out there, to shore up the losing side of the election, to try and make us feel better. From Dave Chappelle’s appearance on ‘SNL’ and Kate McKinnon’s appearances as Hillary Clinton to that piece about the Kids who sued the US Government Over Climate Change, we thought we had plenty of reason to think things would still be okay, and that this was just the usual more conservative swing.

There’s so much at stake, with freedom of the press (a right so important it came in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution), to assemble peacefully, to separate church and state. And now these rights enshrined in our Constitution are at risk, along with so many other rights we have as citizens of this country. In classic Orwellian double-speak, the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) is just one of the concentrated attacks put forth in the 115th Congress against our citizens.

How did we get here? Well, if you think it’s all about the Republicans and President Obama, or Trump and his rise to power, truly, you’re missing the big picture in a really big way. There’s a lot more to the story, and it starts with George H. W. Bush, in the Reagan administration.

There are pieces to the puzzle we’re missing, and I know it, but I have to wonder, given the sheer number of racist YouTube clips and other samples from around the Internet, whether Congressman Keith Ellison’s remark in July, 2007 regarding similarity between Germany’s Reichstag fire and America’s 9/11 attacks was correct after all.

I could review all the ways in which the Saudi attack on the US worked to damage our civil liberties over the last 16 years, but reality shows that we’ve simply incorporated all those reductions in rights presented as necessary in passing the USA Patriot Act and other legislation designed to “keep us safe” from terror.

We are witnessing the forced erosion of rights, from the gutting of the Voter Rights Act and CrossCheck purging voter rolls, to cameras tracking our every move on the streets and in our homes, and now the new “Muslim Ban” enacted last Friday, coupled with all the threats designed to keep us “safe” from harm, we are already living our lives in Oceania.

And now, thanks to the massive distraction of Trump’s Muslim ban, this has happened:

Trump orders ISIS plan, gives Bannon role in revamped National Security Council

Enjoying those reality shows? I can’t watch anymore.

Real life is reality show enough for me.

The Times of Israel: Alarmism saved my family from Hitler: Why I won’t tell anyone to calm down about Trump

There’s only one message here: If you’re not terrified, either you’re not paying attention or you are part of the problem.

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The Impeachment Witch Hunt of Bill Clinton…

The Impeachment Witch Hunt of Bill Clinton…

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a Democrat. I’ve been a Democrat since McGovern lost to Nixon in 1972. I wasn’t old enough to vote in that election, but it was the first time I was truly aware of what an election meant.

In 1976 I was still in Junior High, but I still worked for Jimmy Carter. I was allowed to vote for the first time in 1981. I missed the 1980 Presidential election by one year and a tiny bit of change, but I backed John Anderson. In 1984, my first Presidential election, I voted for Mondale and Ferraro, in the hope that a woman might finally make an office that high. And I was saddened along with the rest of the Democrats when Ronald Reagan swept the election for a second term.

In 1988 I voted for Dukakis. I was angry that George Bush could win. How could people believe that he would be capable of running the country? Didn’t anyone remember Iran? But we survived, and in 1992 I voted in my candidate, William Jefferson Clinton.

Finally, I thought, a President for whom I voted. Hurray! When he won again in 1996, I was still happy with my choice, despite the Republicans’ best efforts to persuade me to be otherwise. I thought perhaps the tide was turning again.

Ever since that first election, in 1992, the Republicans have fought back. They’ve been looking for something to use to lever Bill Clinton out of the White House. The ill-timed movement, Throw the Rascals Out, cleared the way to load both the House and Senate with Republicans, who set about the task not of running the country and making progress, but of finding just the right dirt to clear the President out of the Oval Office.

The Contract with America (not a contract authorized by me, I assure you), was the pinnacle of Partisan politics, and I was sick of it before the summer of the year in which it was proposed and acted upon. I was angry, and unenthusiastic about voting for anything, since it appeared that my vote was somehow no longer valid.

This, too, has passed. We have survived. Our country is in the strongest position it has been in more years than I’ve been on the planet. Our budget is balanced, and we’ve got a surplus we can apply to debts that we’ve accumulated over time. But now, with the vote coming tomorrow, I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

In this impeachment matter, I’ve seen huge judicial atrocities. I’ve been asked to view and listen to two private individuals’ Grand Jury testimony. How is this possible? And now, after seven years of looking for a means to remove the President I elected, the Republicans have finally got their way.

It appears that tomorrow, Thursday, December 17th, 1998, the House is going to vote for an impeachment trial.

I just don’t understand this. From my point of view, the President has been framed. Entrapped, like a common criminal. And over what? When Ken Starr resorted to handing Linda Tripp a tape recorder, and Monica Lewinsky confessed for the record (without knowing what she was doing), the stage was set for this travesty of justice. If Bill Clinton can be impeached on the basis of this illegally collected material, any one of us can be next in line. Best to start with Ken Starr and the rest of the Special Prosecutor’s office. Our hard-earned money was wasted on a huge investigation of Whitewater and this is the best he can do? Please!

I’ve already called my Representative. No surprises there. Steny Hoyer will vote with the Democrats. My Senators, both Democrats, will hopefully vote party lines. Otherwise, I’ll vote for someone else next time their tickets are up.

As for the rest? I can’t control elected representatives who don’t get the benefit of my vote, but I can try to get the word out to those who can. Hence this letter.

We are facing a possible melt-down of technology in just over a year. We have defiance in Iraq (again). The American dollar is going out of the American household as fast as it comes in. The United Nations hasn’t been paid in ages. Social Security is so far in arrears that I can plan on receiving none of the income that I am presently contributing. In short, we are setting up for a disaster of global proportions in the not-to-distant future – no meteors required. I want my President to be able to handle this business, but as long as the Congress is set on this path, he’s not going to be able to do it.

If that doesn’t chill your soul, you’re not alive.

Please, I’m begging you, tell your Representative that you will vote for someone else if your opinion isn’t taken into consideration tomorrow. Tell your Senator that the country has more important things to worry about right now than Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Censure Bill Clinton and get on with it!

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