Do you know ALEC? If not, you should. And you should be afraid.

You know that term “States’ Rights” being bandied about by the Tea Party and Romney himself? The theory that legislation is best handled by each state has been around since the founding of the US. It has been used as a tool for restricting racial and civil rights.

Until recently, it was still possible to see our country as a whole, though often divided organization dedicated to the same rights and liberties across state borders. But with the outing of the Stand Your Ground law, something I would call far more sinister has come to light and you should be aware of it before you cast your vote in this election.

In late September of this year, Bill Moyers presented this special report on how the secretive American Legislative Exchange Council has helped corporate America propose and even draft legislation for states across the country:

United States of ALEC from on Vimeo.

The United States of ALEC: Bill Moyers on the Secretive Corporate-Legislative Body Writing Our Laws

The Washington Post explains: and ALEC’s own web site gives more “insight” into its supposedly non-partisan positions.

Why should you be worried? Ask instead: Why are corporations pushing so hard for privatization? Could it be that regulations designed to keep pricing in check are being set aside in the interest of feathering the nests of these already rich companies?

To understand why our country is in the mess it’s in right now, watch Bill Moyers’ video and/or read the transcript. You should wonder why we aren’t hearing more about ALEC.

Remember that Romney and Ryan represent business first, individuals second. If these candidates have their way, they will drive our country right over a cliff and ALEC will sit back and reap the profits. The only losers will be our civil society.

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.”